Daddy will be running through mud to raise money for my ABR therapy! Please support him.


Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Alexander (or Sasha for short) and I am four years old. I was born with brain injury and because of this I have cerebral palsy. I can’t talk or crawl or sit up by myself, and every movement I make takes a lot of effort.

I am a very social boy and I love people. The more fuss and attention I get the better! Despite all of my difficulties I smile and laugh a lot and I keep all those who look after me very busy.

I am very lucky because I get a lot of treatment on the NHS, but there are many other things that might help me. In addition, I need a large amount of specialist equipment to use in my everyday life. Thanks to the generousity of so many people we fundraised enough for me to go to Panama for stem cell therapy and we have enough money for a trip to Florida for some dolphin therapy. Our next fundraising target is an electric wheelchair at a cost of around £15,000.

If you would like to give some pennies to help me, you can donate online or to my bank account, or support us in one of our sponsored activities or events. Check the calendar to find out what’s on.


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    My story has been published in our local paper, the Newsshopper, to raise awareness for Support Sasha.
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