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About me

My name is Alexander but everyone calls me Sasha for short. I was born on 15th September 2009. Everything was fine while my mum was pregnant so it came as a big shock when I was born not breathing. I was really quite poorly and the doctors told my mum and dad that they didn’t know if I would pull through. I was taken to St Thomas’ Hospital in London and looked after in their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They found out that I had suffered brain injury after not getting enough oxygen some time before birth.

The doctors said that I might not be able to move my arms and legs, or open my eyes, or feed on my own. So you can imagine how grateful my family were when I did all of those things!

Me at St Thomas'

I was allowed to go home two weeks after I was born. Because of what happened to me, I find things difficult and I do things more slowly than other children. None of my doctors or therapists can say whether I will be able to do many of the things that most people take for granted, like walking, talking and using my arms and hands. I have cerebral palsy which affects my movement and control of my body.

My life is very busy as I have regular physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, reflexology, cranial osteopathy, portage, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy. I see a paediatrician, a community paediatrician, a neurologist, an audiologist, an opthalmologist, a dietician and a neuropsychologist. Once a month I see a private Occupational Therapist and I go to a special needs playgroup on Monday mornings. I regularly attend the Bobath Centre for children with cerebral palsy for specialist physio. I’m not sure how I keep up with it all!

Me practising sitting and weight-bearing with my physiotherapist

I have to admit that I’m not overkeen on lots of the things I have to do, and I strive to make this known as loudly as possible! Really I would rather sit and watch my favourite TV programme – Something Special with Mr Tumble the clown – but between my parents, grandparents and therapists, I hardly get a minute’s peace!

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