Daddy will be running through mud to raise money for my ABR therapy! Please support him.

High heel race

On Saturday 20th August, those of us who were prepared to brave the rain witnessed something which I doubt has ever taken place in Norman Park before. Nine grown men in high heeled shoes of varying height, colour, and – let’s be honest – stylish-ness running 100 metres as fast as they could.

For the observers, it was simply hilarious. For the competitors, the emotions seemed to be more complex. Some seemed slightly abashed, others (mentioning no names Woosnam) completely unfazed. After some time spent waiting around in the pouring rain, it was time. Auntie Chloe took last minute bets from the onlookers. Grandad organised the atheletes at the start line.  They posed (a little more enthusiastically than necessary, I thought) for the cameras. And finally, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived.

In a dramatic start, Uncle Luke was crushed to the ground by the crowd but quickly got back up. It became obvious from outset that Chris was uncannily good at this high heel racing lark for someone who supposedly never wears heels. Plamen was in second place from quite early on, followed at a good pace by Dave, Daddy and Darren. Mike (in a lovely pair of black patent with pink bows and ribbon) and Luke were close behind. And Kin and Frankie – well, their efforts were commendable given that they were tottering along in stilettos which would give Auntie Chloe some trouble.

It is fair to say that Chris won by a good margin. In fact, towards the end of the race he even did a Usain Bolt, slowing down to enjoy his clear victory before he leapt through the ribbon at the finish line.

We are extremely grateful to Dave, Plamen, Kin, Mike, Chris, Luke, Frankie, Darren and Daddy for humiliating themselves in the name of charity, and to those who so generously sponsored them. Keep an eye on the website for the fundraising total for this event. And if you haven’t yet sponsored a competitor and you would like to after watching their valiant efforts, please click on the ‘Donate’ button below next to their name.


Name Donate
Martin Georgiev
Luke Sampson
David Hobby
Plamen Sakutov
Chris Price
Mike Keenan
Kin Mok

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