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Our Panamanian Adventure

I will keep this page updated as much as possible with details of Sasha’s progress during his week long trip to Panama with Martin and Martin’s dad, George. You can read more about the clinic where Sasha will be receiving his treatment at the website for the Stem Cell Institute. Thank you to everyone who is thinking of and praying for them.



9.08am (UK time)

Sasha and Martin are safely home. Grandad collected them from Heathrow this morning. They managed the journey home well although Sasha didn’t feel like sleeping on the plane so is now exhausted as it is 4am Panamanian time! It is difficult to tell if there are any changes in Sasha as he is extremely tired but his trunk seems sturdier and he is moving his arms more. Most changes will be seen in the first 6-8 weeks although some can be seen for up to six months following the treatment. We are now just waiting for Dyado to arrive back in the UK.


7.53pm (UK time)

Sasha had his second injection of stem cells yesterday, and will be having the third shortly. Martin reports that he thinks Sasha is seeming to hold himself more steadily and that he has been moving his tongue more and poked it out twice yesterday. Today Sasha is having a bit of a grumpy day and only wants to be held by Daddy. He is finding the heat difficult to cope with. They are being troopers though and seem in generally good spirits. They have been shopping and bought a vest for Gabs which says ‘Daddy’s Girl’. (I dispute this). Sasha is still being very brave and their driver calls him the child hero of the clinic! They met a man who had a spinal cord injury and was wheelchair bound but after two treatments started walking again with crutches and was there for his third round, so all very interesting.


11.16am (UK time)

Sasha has had the first injection of stem cells. Apparently he is now ‘officially the bravest child patient ever’ as he was a complete superstar. There is a possibility he may get a slight fever as a side effect but he hadn’t last time I heard. He will be having the next infusion today.

It seems to me to be very fated that yesterday, on the day of the first injection, there was a programme on Channel 4 called ‘Katie – The Science of Seeing Again’. It was about a model who had acid thrown in her face and subsequently lost the sight in one eye. The documentary followed her having an operation involving stem cells to allow her to regain the ability to use her damaged eye. If you didn’t see it, it is now available on 4OD and is well worth watching.


6.19pm (UK time)

We have just spoken to the Panamanian boys on Skype (or Sky-Pod, as English Grandad calls it!) Sasha’s first appointment went well. The doctors took blood but he was very brave and didn’t cry at all. They spoke to the CEO of the clinic who said he would be ‘very surprised’ if we didn’t see any effects from the therapy. The first stem cell injection is today about 2pm Panama time, so 7pm in the UK.

They are all well. Sasha has become a bit of a local celebrity (no surprises there…) and has charmed the hotel staff. He isn’t enjoying the food which they took for him and has been eating pancakes for breakfast instead. However, Dyado has been eating Sasha’s food and is apparently thoroughly enjoying it! It is around 30 degrees so somewhat warmer than here.

Please keep fingers and toes crossed for the first stem cell infusion, and this would also be a good time for any prayers to wing their way to the heavens! Thank you!


9.49am (UK time)

Dyado has arrived safely in Panama. Sasha apparently is having a ball and has been laughing constantly. Today is his first appointment at the clinic, they will be seen at 9.45am Panamanian time so 2.45pm in the UK. Check back to see how he gets on!


9.18am (UK time)

Daddy and Sasha are safely checked into their hotel in Panama. Dyado is at Schiphol airport and we are hoping that his flight to Panama will leave as scheduled.

3.38pm (UK time)

Dyado is en route to Panama! He should be reunited with Sasha and Daddy about 11pm (UK time) when the clinc will collect him from the airport. Sasha made an appearance on Skype earlier today in his shorts and t-shirt. It is 22 degrees in Panama and the boys had just had breakfast at the hotel. Sasha seems to be behaving himself and woke up at 5.40am today (Panama time) so will hopefully get into a reasonable routine quickly.


12.17 pm (UK time)

After a hairy start, and having had to leave poor Dyado at Heathrow for a 12 hour wait before his rescheduled flight to Panama via Amsterdam (see Blog for more details), Daddy and Sasha are now on a flight to Newark, New Jersey. They have three extra leg room seats between them so it’s not all bad…

6.01pm (UK time)

Just when we thought we had it sorted, Dyado’s 8.15pm flight to Amsterdam was cancelled. KLM have put hin on the earlier 6.10pm flight, but  this has now been delayed to 7.20pm. We are all hoping that there are no more delays as Dyado needs to catch his connecting flight to Panama City!

7.07pm (UK time)

Dyado is boarding his flight to Amsterdam. Hooray!

7.50pm (UK time)

Dyado has taken off and Sasha and Daddy are safely in Newark.

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