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Dolphin Therapy

Dolphin therapy was developed more than 25 years ago by the American psychologist David E. Nathanson, who conducted his first study on the rehabilitative effects of dolphin therapy as early as 1978. A proven method of treatment, dolphin therapy enables special-needs children, including those with cerebral palsy, to interact with their surroundings in a constructive and playful way.

Central to the therapy is the encounter between the child and the dolphin. Research has shown that dolphins, which have long been known to be highly intelligent animals, are able to recognize the child’s deficiency. This recognition helps the child to forge a connection with the dolphin, resulting in a relaxation and openness to learning and healing that can lead to developmental progress.

Not only does dolphin therapy benefit children with cerebral palsy by boosting their confidence in their own abilities, but it also benefits entire families. Parents, together with any brothers and sisters the child may have, are encouraged to be active participants in the therapeutic process. The participation of whole families in dolphin therapy helps foster a sense of togetherness and cooperation within the family – a fact that further aids in the patient’s progress.

Advocates of dolphin therapy do not claim that it cures diseases like cerebral palsy. However, research has shown that disabled children learn up to four times faster when exploring their surroundings with dolphins.

Here is the website of the place we would like to visit: Water Planet USA. The program costs $2,950 and we also need funding for flights, and accommodation for the five days we will spend there.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy treatment refers to the process of introducing new, healthy cells into damaged tissues in an effort to restore function and treat tissue damage. As a form of genetic medicine, stem cell therapy is thought, by many esteemed medical researchers, to have the potential to eventually treat a range of currently incurable conditions, including cancer, type-1 diabetes and neurological diseases, such as cerebral palsy.

Stem cells are multi-cellular organisms that can renew themselves and mature into a variety of specialized cells, including blood, skin, intestinal or brain cells. Specifically for the treatment of cerebral palsy, the theory is that doctors will eventually be able to inject a patient with his or her own stem cells (which come from either from saved umbilical blood cord cells or are generated from a patient’s bone marrow cells) to regenerate the damaged brain tissues that cause cerebral palsy.

According to Dr. David Steinblock of the Brain Therapeutics Medical Clinic, approximately 90 percent of cerebral palsy patients who receive stem cell therapy treatments show astounding signs of improvement within days of receiving stem cell injections.

The XCell Center in Germany, where I had booked to have this treatment in May 2001, unfortunately closed shortly before our trip. Daddy is now busy looking into alternative venues and doctors. We’ll keep you updated!

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