Daddy will be running through mud to raise money for my ABR therapy! Please support him.

Upcoming Events

 Summer 2012

Lee Cook of Aqueduct design will be carrying out a sponsored sky dive. Good luck Lee!

October 2012

Uncle Luke and Ruth will be doing a sponsored swim and are planning to swim 1000 lengths each, selling the lengths for £1. Watch this space for more information about their fantastic fundraising page.

Autumn 2012

Daddy is going to be asking for sponsorship to spend a day in a wheelchair. This will give him some insight into the daily challenges faced by people who are non-ambulant. He is conveniently going to wait until after the lifts are fitted at Bromley South… Date to be confirmed.

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    My story has been published in our local paper, the Newsshopper, to raise awareness for Support Sasha.
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